Saffire Brand Saffron single use 1 - gram pack .

Excellent saffron, beautiful long red stamens and amazing enchanting aroma and flavour. Best Quality Saffron Single use Pack.

BOX OF 20 Gms


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Our Packaging

Our Packaging
We have a range of pack sizes ranging from a tiny 50 mg pack to the large 50 gram pack all designed to be pilfer proof for maximum protection from climatic conditions. A lot of R&D has been done over the years to develop our existing packaging which ensures that no one can tamper, replicate or misuse our pack in any way. We have ensured that the quality of the saffron threads, saffron powder or saffron spice remains as it was when it was packed so that each consumer receives a pack with minimum weight loss. Additionally, the designing is done in a way which is eye catching and unique to all other saffron brands across the world.
We keep changing our packaging designs often so that our brand looks unique and different from other standard saffron packs.?
Combo Packs
Retail Packs 
Box Packs 
Bulk Packs 
Gift Pack 
Tin Pack
Seal Pouch Pack
We have the following pack sizes of Organic Kashmir saffron:
50mg, 0.25gm, 0.5g, 1g, 1g
Pouch Pack :- 25 & 50
Powdered Saffron 5g, 25g, 50g
Tin Packing 100g,250g,500g & 10000 GMs




We produce a large quantity of Saffron through the traditional farming procedure in Kashmir. Our facility is spread over a large area of land. Each acre of land that we have yields more than 4 Kilos of Saffron. We have employed a team of experienced farmers who cultivate the Saffron on their farms. We also carry out inspection of the farms on a regular basis.

We have with us the service of well-trained and skilled labors who execute all the processes involved in the most efficient manner. The Saffron crop is usually harvested in the months of October-November of every calendar year. We can assure our clients that we do not use child labours, and we also pay utmost attention to our employees' rights and their physical and psychological health.

Apart from using traditional methods, we can proudly say that we are technologically advanced as well. We have our own R&D wing, which is high on technology. Herein, our R&D experts conduct rigorous researches and analysis to come up with innovative techniques to improve the quality of our range of Saffron. Through this, we are able to come up with products that meet the exact requirements of clients at all times.