About Us

The Company was established in the year  2011 by Mr. OMAIS QADRI  from the Saffron City of Kashmir , When these farmers were exploited by the Brokers. The educated youth of this farming society took a collective decision to cultivate the precious product of saffron and to supply this golden condiment to the various buyers / consumers of the country and abroad at farm rates. Thus, Organic Kashmir  an association of small and marginal farmers was formed.



Our Company

Having established ourselves as a successful family owned business in 1983,we have kept alive the tradition of trading in one of the finest spices in the world, Saffron. With an experience which spans over more than decades, our immense knowledge and expertise of Saffron has enabled us to select and provide the best quality available to our customers.
We, aim to offer a 100% natural products to our customers. Our product gains its uniqueness by the aroma and fragrance. Quality being our top most priority, we consistently work towards inproving our facilities; our suppliers are certified to ensure that they meet quality standards and hygiene requirements. By assigning a unique batch to our saffron products, we ensure that we are aware of the origin and destination of each of our products.